Weekly Scripture Readings

Read along with us this Advent season. Each week we will look at scriptures from the Prophets, the Psalms, the Letters, and the Gospels as we journey towards the birth of our Lord.

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Weekly Devotionals

Each week the staff will dive a little deeper into our Scripture Readings. You can follow along here to watch the devotionals.

Tuesdays will be in Spanish led by Pastor David.

Wednesdays look at the Psalms with our Music Minister, Deborah. 

Thursdays Pastor Ryan will look at a text from one of Paul's letters.

Fridays Pastor Minda will explore the Gospel text for the week.

Tuesday, Dec. 2

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Friday, Dec. 11th

Advent Week 2: Gospel Reading, Mark 1:1-8

This week Ellis’s mother came to visit. In the days and weeks leading up to her arrival, I found myself saying to Tobias, “Your Mornin’ is coming to visit. Let’s clean up and get our house ready.” While he joined in for fun things like tree decorating and hanging stockings, he did not offer much help in picking up toys or keeping play dough off the rug. I was quickly reminded that some preparations are more fun than others. I certainly enjoyed putting up the garland more than the laundry. But, all the preparations were necessary.

The Gospel text from Mark tells us that John the Baptist came to proclaim the coming of our Lord. He cried out like the prophet, “Prepare the way!” And, unlike my urging voice to Tobias, people listened and responded! Many prepared their hearts by way of baptism.

When Ellis’s mother arrived, Tobias searched her bags for craft supplies and other goodies grandmothers often bring. Among her things he found a pair of pink plastic cleaning gloves (Mornin’ always finds something to clean as an act of love). To my surprise, Tobias grabbed them up and started to work with the broom. For days I’d asked for his cleaning assistance with little result. Within minutes of her arrival, he was ready to work! I came to see that she offered the right tools. She had the fancy gloves and handed him the dust pan. I’d said the right words but had not offered what was needed to get the job done.

People responded to John the Baptist’s words and his commitment (he was wearing camel hair and eating locusts afterall). He told them someone was coming after him that would continue to teach them and show them the way—someone to give them the right tools of peace and love.

This year as you prepare your home for Christmas by putting up lights and trimming the tree, remember also to prepare your heart for the coming of our Lord. Break out the tools of scripture, do the work of meditation and reflection, and sing the hymns of our faith.


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